Aug 21

JQuery LogoAfter stumbling across this article, I was in awe to see what has recently transpired in the world of Javascript libraries/frameworks.  I had recently fell in love with Yahoo UI, but I was truly surprised to see that jQuery has gained remarkable traction in the market.

According to This Google Trend, it has leaped far ahead of even in raw search volume.  This is a particulary good sign for jQuery.  As search volume increases, so will the number of pages related to jQuery obviously and vice versa.

In my experience, rapidly growing popularity is usually a pretty good sign of success for an open-source project.  If problems exist with the project, usually the overwhelming interest helps to spur on solutions and increase the capability of the product because of the massive interest.  I’ve seen this same trend previously with with CakePHP, an excellent framework alternative for PHP based loosely off of Ruby on Rails.

Regardless, it appears that I will start learning jQuery.  Even if it turns out to lose the “battle”, it can’t help to learn more about advanced javascript without being forced to climb a steep learning curve.

Any truthfully, if this popularity trend continues, I think it’s safe to say jQuery is here to stay. if interested.

5 Responses to “JQuery: The Best Javascript Library?”

  1. Baz L Says:


    jQuery is the favorite of a lot of developers who are fed up with the bulk of Prototype.

  2. Emad Ibrahim Says:

    I love jQuery, it is my favorite but read my post at for a surprising conculsion. Well, at least it surprised me.

  3. Quaziz Says:

    Well. I have been useing a lot of javascript librarys and have allways fall back on prototype togather with scriptaculus. As the writer says, JQUERY has been really popular and for me it was worth a try. First i was after some examples of visual effects in the documentation. But i got surprised. Nothing worked. No exemple did what it should do. I belive that it was the .ckick function that was corrupted. I dont really know but it felt so. I was just locking 2 sec each on every example so it was a quick diagnisis. But anyway. I have a question, 2 actually.
    1. Does you experience the same thing with the examples?
    (i uses Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3)
    2. Does the library expertizes in UI or functionallity and AYAX?
    Thank you very much!

  4. Paul Says:

    Recent convert to JQuery (actually lived with my own libraries to deal with cross-browser DOM stuff.)

    I had looked at prototype and scriptaculous, but it always seemed like overkill for my hokey lil’ local business webpages.

    What I needed was easy (and varied) access to the HTTPRequest object, and quick and fast HTML injection.

    And as much as JQ is touted as a UI playground, you can’t beat it’s async request ease of use.

  5. prgm Says:

    I think the YUI is the best. Faster than jQuery and better look than JQuery

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