Aug 01

Capistrano LogoIf you aren’t familiar with Ruby on Rails, there’s a good chance you’ve probably missed the proverbial boat on a powerful tool called Capistrano.

Do you ever feel like you’re repeating previous work every time you deploy a new application (or when modifying an old one)?  It’s a process I truly despise for two important reasons:

1) I really don’t like to feel like I’m being inefficient.
2) I hate wasting my own valuable time.

Ok, so 1 & 2 are sorta the same reasons… but you get my point.  A fellow programmer friend (a staunch RoR addict) recommended I try deploying my apps with Capistrano, even if they were PHP.  I had never really thought of that idea, but in reality, it made a whole lot of sense.

Anyways, originally I was going to write up a nice how-to on PHP deployments using Capistrano, but I decided the topic was already sufficiently covered.  It’s a good read and I’ll bet you’ll walk away excited about the amount of time you can save.

No more manual exports or checkouts from SVN again!

So, go check out this write-up at Simplistic Complexity for all the details.

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