Aug 29 LogoBeing a computer geeky type, I have always been enthralled with technology. I suppose it makes sense then, that I recently started pondering security systems for my house. After spending “countless” hours reading forums, talking to friends, meeting security system installers, et cetera, I have made a decision on the best one:

Ok, now you might be thinking: “Big surprise, Dustin, the web developer, chose a security company that has .com in the name”. I promise you though, it’s more than just the name!

Here’s my reasoning:

1) I don’t have a regular land line (POTS) and I don’t intend to get one just to support a security system (especially since it seems to be pretty easy to cut). uses a wireless cellular (GSM) system — no wires to cut and reliable service 24 hours a day.

2) I don’t want my security system to depend exclusively on a home internet connection (and again… that’s easy to cut).

There are alternate companies who rely exclusively on home broadband internet based communications. Home internet connections are fine for email and web surfing, but I would never trust my home security to a cable or DSL modem.

3) I want a system that is built solidly and will protect my family and home from the blights of society. currently uses a GE Concord panel, a highly regarded system in the security arena. It’s reliable, tough, and well-tested.

4) I need flexibility, expandability, and advanced features, while still being easy to use (since my wife is not a computer programmer).

The panel used by currently has 96 available wireless zones, 16 wired zones (plus 2 smoke detector zones), easy to use interfaces, and everything else you could possible need.

5) I prefer a price that doesn’t require a 2nd mortgage to keep running (the price should be mostly offset by a homeowners insurance discount). is a relative bargain compared to other companies (especially making use of wireless signaling and internet reconfiguration).

6) I yearn for a system that appeals to my nerdy gadget-oriented side.

This is the part that really had me convinced! Imagine being able to log in to your alarm system from anywhere in the world and see what is going on currently and what has happened in the past.

What if you could program new security codes, arm and disarm the system, set up lighting schedules (based on events like doors opening) using standard X10 controllers?

What if you’d like to see if “someone” has gotten into the alcohol cabinet when they weren’t supposed to? makes it all possible and much more, through their powerful and simple online interface. The portal makes programming your alarm system a snap and it’s very simple to set up notification contact lists (both phone and email) for everything from a door opening to true alarm events.

So, add all those requirements & features up and what do you get? tops my list. In fact, even if you take out many of my personal “requirements”, is still the best bang-for-the-buck of any security company I researched or talked to (and I talked to a lot of them).

I can also personally attest to the over-the-top customer service at They respond to your emails, treat you like a real person, and don’t have a foreign accent (ie: they are easy to understand).

At this point, I’ve chosen the equipment and picked an installation date. I’ll update you as the house nears completion and the service goes live.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

EDIT: Please read my new review everyone – it’s been a while since I wrote this. 

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  1. Thomas Gause Says:

    Check out This advanced home security service works over three communication channels – broadband, digital cellular and traditional phone lines. It also allows you to remotely control and access your existing alarm system via the web or your cell phone. The best part is their monitoring fees start at $19.95 per month. You can choose a month to month or contract plan.

  2. Dustin Weber Says:

    @ Thomas Gause

    “Thomas” (nice handle), I don’t appreciate you spamming my blog. If you think you have a good service at uControl, then tell us in plain words — not spam! I’ve seen those exact words (from above) on several blogs and forums on the web. Somehow, I knew you’d find me too!

    However, since you decided to get me thinking about uControl again, let me discuss a few of the problems I had with the service.

    Let’s do a quick summary:

    1) uControl offers no home automation features at this point. I’ve seen some random rumors of this feature “coming soon in the next few years”, but I haven’t seen anything yet. The home automation aspect is a must-have feature for me.

    2) With uControl, you pay extra for “cellular backup” after phone and broadband. I know that using the cellular network is expensive for the alarm company to use… but I really prefer to rely on the cellular network as the primary signaling source, not the other way around. The cellular companies have a vested and legal responsibility to ensure their systems are secure, consistently on-line, and generally non-interruptible.

    3) The pricing you mentioned above isn’t for the cellular system at all. In fact, the only way I can get $19.95 pricing is by signing a 3 year contract and specifically NOT having cellular backup. The cellular backup is mandatory for me. So, currently, if I choose uControl’s “Triple Connect” option for less than three years, I’m gonna pay $29.95/month minimum. I’d be willing to be there are extra fees and taxes on top of that (but I don’t know for sure).

    4) Also, regardless of which pricing package I choose at uControl, I don’t see the point of having redundant broadband and (POTS) telephone connections. Without cellular backup, both of these are easily defeated by a simple snip.

    5) This doesn’t even touch the fact that I don’t have a system installed yet. How do I use uControl without a system installed? Trying to convince a security system installer to put in full-fledged system in with no monitoring contract is akin to asking a mother to give up her child — I have experience with this, it’s not an easy proposition (the security installer part, not the mother – child thing, heh).

    Anyways, there are plenty of other problems I had with uControl (and other security companies too), but there’s no need to go into any further detail. However, feel free to send me a uControl link for free and a free trial and I’ll do full-fledged review!

    Until that happens, is the best solution in my humble opinion.

  3. Don H Says:

    I appreciate your review and thoughts, Dustin. I’ve got Vonage right now and my contract with ADT has just ended. My system is working now but it’s taken some time (and frustration) to get to this point. I’m thinking of switching to a less expensive option then ADT which I believe is costing me about $30/month. Have you been running with long enough to give some more info at this point? I am also looking at uControl and NextAlarm. I read your thoughts on uControl; any sense on NextAlarm?

  4. Dustin Weber Says:

    @ Don

    I am about two weeks away from installation, so I’ll be sure to update with a new article once it’s all installed and running.

    I can say this though: several of my friends are rolling with and so far have no complaints.

    As for NextAlarm, you are relying on your home internet connection a little too much in my opinion. I really don’t like that option.

    I mean, the way I look at it is this way: if there is one thing I shouldn’t “cheap” out on it’s my home security system — my family’s safety and my irreplaceable belongings (pictures, et cetera) are worth a little extra cost to ensure that they are as protected as they can be.

    I just have a feeling the odds of a failure when depending on my cable/DSL modem are uncomfortably high.

    - Dustin Weber

  5. Jesse Says:


    You should have your operational by now. What are your thoughts? Surely it must have some downsides?!



  6. Dustin Weber Says:


    Almost, I’ll write the update within 2 – 4 weeks. It’s only fair that I give the system a bit of time to do the full review.

    I promise I’ll write another article about though.

    - Dustin Weber

  7. Jessica Says:

    Its been about 4 weeks – anything to report? My husband is pushing for but I am just starting to do research – some factual feedback would be great – cheers!

  8. Dustin Weber Says:


    I’m very satisfied with so far. No complaints. I will be writing another more detailed review soon… I’m just completely strapped for time at the moment.

    However, in my humble opinion, is still an excellent choice.

    - Dustin Weber

  9. RJ Says:

    You’ll notice the same template !!

    I know it’s just been a few days since your last comment on this, but any chance of a ‘user-review’ on Like you I am drawn towards, but need some reaffirmation!!


  10. Dustin Weber Says:


    As I mentioned with Jessica, I have absolutely no complaints about’s services. I will be writing a more detailed review of their services soon, but in my opinion, they are tough to beat at any price point…. so feel free to take the jump.

    - Dustin Weber

  11. Yoyodyn Says:

    Have you looked at InGrid? They don’t meet your cellular requirement yet. (says coming soon on the web site for how long now?)
    It looked like a nice new system from what I can tell.


  12. Jobi Reese Says:

    I’ve been researching alarm monitoring services and just noticed your comments. Any chance of a full review on It’s been several weeks since your installation and it would really be nice to hear your thoughts. Thanx!

  13. Alan Says:

    I concur with Dustin. rocks! They don’t offer service directly to individuals anymore, so you have to go though a dealer. I did extensive research, and found one that offers a terrific overall value for the money: They are brand new (since around November 2007) and haven’t advertised much at all yet. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I’m only a satisfied customer. I have only been with them for about three weeks, but they have provided outstanding customer service so far. Also, everything I’ve seen and experienced with them so far has been of the utmost professionalism. These guys are slick, and have invested a lot of time, energy, and obviously money in getting this off the ground. And, they are constantly improving. At first, $40/month seems high, but when you consider that includes the wireless and THE HIGHEST LEVEL of monitoring available, AND use alarm-pending with their monitoring company, I think you’ll be hard pressed to beat it. For those that may not know, alarm-pending means that when you walk though an entry and the disarm time-window begins (default 30 seconds), that EVEN IF someone destroys the control panel between 11-30 seconds (or end of entry delay period), it’s too late, because the CP has already sent the status of alarm-pending to If doesn’t recieve an explicit “successful disarm” status, then it will forward an alarm onto the monitoring company. So an intruder only has about 10 seconds to find the unit and disable it upon tripping any sensor. THIS is a REAL security system, not the typical junk ADT often deploys… that typically only STARTS dialing AFTER the disarm period has elapsed and it officially goes into an alarm state. Then, those alarms still have to spend another ~15 seconds or more dialing then transmitting their data… so the intruder has at least 40 seconds or so to find and disable the control panel. Plenty of time for a professional. And that’s if they don’t cut the phone line first. The control panel of Frontpoint systems have a 24 hour battery backup AND are wireless to the service (which then notifies your dealer’s monitoring station if necessary).

    If you consider that ADT, Brinks, P1, etc want to charge about $30 or more per month for junky telephone-only monitoring (and with no functionality!!), I think you can see the value. These guys also configure the system and all the sensors for you and can take care of most ongoing concerns remotely (and even more remote functionality coming), it’s a great service. AND, they don’t try to make money on their hardware. Go look at their sensor prices, and I dare you to try to beat an overall package of sensors. I could only find one device that was considerably cheaper elsewhere… and many of their devices were considerably cheaper than I could find elsewhere(use and pricegrabber, etc to compare). Others were priced about the same. So there is no reason to order anything elsewhere… they are good guys, they aren’t trying to gouge you on hardware.

    Keep in mind, this is WIRELESS & Highest level of functionality & alarm-pending monitoring. If you really compare, I doubt you will find a better overall value. You might find something that about matches at best. Then it comes down to service, and professionalism, and here I’m confident FPS will win.

    I am not being compensated in any way for this review. I am in no way affiliated with FPS, other than being a new customer. And, I was also not asked to leave a review. Am am only a really happy new customer. You owe it to yourself to at least check them out and give them a call if even mildly interested. Once you talk to them, I believe you will be convinced.

    If you do decide to go with FPS, ask for their Simon XT control panel instead of the standard Simon III. It will cost a little more, but it is GE’s newest (of this type of) system, and FPS will be going to this as their standard system anyway in the not-too-distant future. That’s what I did, and I love the XT. It’s smaller, has more functionality, plus an LCD screen on the control panel. It’s missing X-10, but that’s coming in a couple months (easy to upgrade, and FPS will send you the new adapter when available), and it’s also missing availability of 2-way remote talking and/or LCD keypads, but that may be in the works too. You can get remote one way keypads that work well enough for now. Or just use keyfobs exclusively, if you want. Other than that, there’s no real reason to get the older Simon III anymore, in my estimation anyway.

    I hope this was helpful to others.

    Dustin, thanks for this forum and all the information you provided. It was very helpful to me in my decision-making process.

    – Alan

  14. Alan Says:

    Sorry for double-post. Please remove this comment and the one dated Feb. 6th. The Feb 21st repost contains slightly more up to date information.


  15. Tanya Says:

    I know you said you would give a more detailed report later, but I have a few questions.

    I live in a very poor cell phone reception area and calls made to my cell phone don’t always come in when I am home. Some times the lines for the internet are busy or not working and VOIP doesn’t work. It could be days before I even notice the phone isn’t working because I don’t use my phone very often. You get my point.

    Do you have any problems, not with connectivity, but phone issues?
    Have you had to deal with customer service at all with any issue?

    I read the review below and it made we wonder if was right for me. It sounded like you were a Ucontrol customer as well and was very unsatisfied. In your research did you found any other comparable alternatives.

    Post from Vonage that was an customer
    Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 1:11 pm Post subject:

    Alarm.Com absolutely **** IMHO.

    I tried out this service for aprox. six (6) months before saying this. I’ve had a multitude of problems.

    For starters, my initial delivery didn’t include 1/2 of what I ordered, a bad battery and wireless modem amongst other items.

    Service was good at first but progressively got worse. There were days where there was a service outage and absolutely nothing worked. I remembre this one day where we accidently set the alarm off at night, around 6pm or so. The central station never called us (surprise, yeah right) so we called them and let them know it was a false alarm.

    I was woken up at 6am by 3 police officers pounding on my front door. They said our alarm went off at around 5:56 and got notified by the central station of such and that our phone line was “dead”.

    Our phone line was _NOT_ “dead”, after a LOT of research the central stations computers “screwed” up and wasn’t dialing correctly.

    The reason there was even a dispatch was because they didn’t log the phone call the night before and they didn’t get the alarm signal until 6am… 12 HOURS LATER.

    This is just one time of such a screw up from them, there have been other times this has happened as well and I simply do NOT trust them.

    We actually got fines from the police department for so many false alarms that I am going to be taking to court to recover the fees.

    I’ve also cancelled my account, and got confirmation of account cancellation yet they continue to bill my credit card.

  16. Todd M Says:

    How secure it the wireless connectivity between your home system and

  17. Sammy Says:

    Any update on the review for

  18. Jose Says:

    Hi Dustin,
    We are in March now and I was wondering how’s been your experience with so far. Could you pls provide us with your user review?
    Thanks a lot

  19. Richard McHenry Says:

    Checking on a wireless alarm system for our residence. What offers are currently available? We want to switch over from Protection One.

  20. Amit Says:


    How are you liking so far? Also, is it a wireless system or wired?
    How easy is it to add X10 devices to it?
    If you have written a review somewhere, I’d love to read it. I was also looking at U-control, but the fact that it needed a security system was the drawback, as well as the fact that cellular monitoring etc. were extra.

  21. Paul Says:


    Okay, its been 4 months since your last post. Any reason you started a blog and actually haven’t done what the blog was intended for ?

  22. Jeff Says:

    Hi Dustin– I am currently researching security systems and I came across your blog. looks like the type of system I would be interested in. I like the fact that you do not have to use a land line to establish service. Can you suggest a forum or web site that you found useful in making your security decision? Also, how has the service been with Have you tested the response time when the alarm is activated? Thanks.

  23. Doug Smith Says:

    It’s been about 6 months now. Any update on the service? I have read some bad reviews and I’m trying to confirm if its real or not. Thanks!

  24. hs Says:

    Any reviews of it now? Looking at some options.

  25. Kevin Says:

    Hi Dustin, I see that uConnect charges extra for the “cellular backup”, does NextAlarm do the same? Or do they not even offer that? I couldnt find it on their site. THanks.

  26. updated review Says:

    [...] reviewing the multitude of comments on my original review of and realizing I had totally forgotten to write the next review, I thought I’d [...]

  27. Dustin Weber Says:

    Please read my new updated review:

    Sorry for the delay everyone, I’ve been swamped with work lately.

    - Dustin Weber

  28. Dan Tanner Says:

    Overall, the Abbra system from Next Alarm works well with VOIP. However, the VideoView service they advertise does not work at all and their tech support is nearly non-existent. They refuse to even trouble-shoot the problem. Of course, they try to blame the customer, the browser settings, etc. But I am a Network Engineer and know what I am doing with the setup of the camera and opening the ports. I can view my Linksys camera over the Internet, but NextAlarm can’t provide any video through their service. If you want a basic alarm for your doors and motion detection, Next Alarm will do. But if you want the advanced services that they advertise then you will be disappointed. You will also be disappointed if you require any tech support. They have a couple of kids who will read the installation manual to you, that’s it. Nobody with any real knowledge of alarm systems or networks will assist you with your system. Its obviously a small company with big ambitions. But they have a long way to go before they can call themselves a professional security provider.

  29. Yousaf Shaikh Says:

    I recently contacted I will say that their response is slow & not impressive thus far. I sent them 2 e-mails, and it wasn’t until I called them and left them a voicemail message letting them know I sent a couple of e-mails.

    Anyways, I reside in Ontario Canada and have a VOIP telephone line (Vonage Canada). According to their website they have 95% serviceable areas with the United States of America. They make no mention however about Canada.

    When a rep finally contacted me from (Ryan) he apologized for the delay in the response, and offered me a discount due to the delay.

    Does anybody here who lives in Ontario, Canada use this service and if so, how is it? I was a little worried about cellular coverage because Ryan was asking me if I had coverage from T-Mobile and/or AT&T. I advised him that those were American cellular providers and that the following providers were in Canada :

    - Rogers
    - Fido
    - Bell Mobility
    - Telus Mobility

    And that I had excellent coverage from those providers.

    Long story short…I’d like to know if this is a good system for us Canucks!

  30. Dustin Weber Says:


    I don’t think you’ll be able to get their cellular service up there, but I really don’t know for sure. My wireless unit has a at&t sim card in it.. but I think they have specialized deal going with at&t… I may be speaking out of turn.

    I’ve found that the sales reps and tech support people at will be really honest and straightforward with questions/problems. Sooo.. ask and you shall receive — just ask the people who know:

    - Dustin Weber

  31. Yousaf M. Shaikh Says:


    Apparently they have some sort of an arrangement with a company named “FrontPoint Security Solutions” (

    I think FrontPoint Security is for Canadians only (an arrangement between and this company) to tap into the Canadian market while utilizing the Canadian cellular networks.

    Seeing as how you are in the States and use, have you had any dealings at all with FrontPoint Security Solutions? I’m guessing not (correct me if I’m wrong).

    I’m quite sure that’s how it works here in Canada. FrontPoint Security Solutions uses Canadian cellular networks in conjunction with I’m guessing FrontPoint Security Solutions is like their subsidiary company.

    It’s a good question for me to ask Ryan though. He’s been an amazing wealth of information. I must say, they are a great company so far (customer service wise).

  32. Yousaf M. Shaikh Says:


    I just had it confirmed by Ryan (from FrontPoint Security Solutions) that the cellular coverage would technically be from US carriers, however, has “roaming agreements” with Canadian networks so my interpretation of that is that the unit would be communicating with the US towers, and the signal would then be re-routed to the closest Canadian cellular tower, therefore it would be seen as “roaming”. A simpler way of looking at it would be to think of an American cellular subscriber who’s visiting here in Canada, would incur roaming charges from his American cellular company on his cellular phone bill as roaming charges (it’s the same thing).

    Ryan also clarified that any and/or all roaming charges were the responsibility of the provider, in my case FrontPoint Security Solutions. That’s one charge they absorb; not the consumer (yay for me!)

    So far I have to say I’m very impressed by Of the choices I have, so far all indications point to me going to them for my security needs. :)

  33. Jim D. Says:

    I’ve been using for a couple months now… after looking into user comments from all of the major alarm system providers. seems to have the most configurable system around, allowing the alarm owner (yes, you own your own alarm system right off… other systems — maybe) to design their own security solution. Plus, I can order additional sensors online (even thru ebay) to add basement flood alarms, water freezing alarms, additional door/window alarms. So I could design it myself AND plan its future expansion without having a high-pressure salesperson “helping” me.

    I went through FrontPoint to get my system, and I found the prices to be significantly negotiable. Since I wanted to have the full monitoring option, I didn’t mind using that as bargaining power to get the price down to around half-off!

    My favorite features have been the online integration and cell-phone monitoring capabilities. With the camera option, we watch a video of the action on our cell phones when our puppy-sitter comes to take the dog for a walk. Or I can keep a live video window at work to watch the puppy during the day. If I forgot to arm the system in the morning, I have the system send me a text message, and I can arm the system (or do anything else!) from my cell phone. I love it!

    As far as responsiveness goes, we’ve only had one incident where my sleepwalking toddler opened the outside door at 2am and set off the alarm. (This was a GOOD thing since I want to know if that happens!) I disarmed and got a call from the monitoring company not 30 seconds later.

    X10 control (to turn lights on and off) works well from the Simon XT, but you have to purchase the X10 power supply for the Simon 3. (google for more info) If we get home late, we use our keychain remotes to turn on the lights and disarm from the car.

    All in all, we’re very pleased. I highly recommend and FrontPoint Security as the provider. (I’m not associated with either!)

  34. securitypro Says:

    I am a professional security system alarm dealer/instaler. I have installed countless systems and more everyday. For, it is great. It uses the at&t / cingular network of cell towers. Therefore if you have a cingular cell phone and NO service whatsoever around your house…..SOL. But even if you have low signal there is still hope. One option is to install an external antenna with high db gain and will communicate great. Or to install a cell phone repeater in the house and help ALL cell phone signal in the house, great for basement living areas. Downside with repeater is that they are expensive. For a system that is worth installing expect 1k just for the repeater by the time you are done with labor.

    The problem that I see with is the GE Concord 4 panel. It is very user friendly, extremly simple keypad and commands. Also easy for the instaler. BUT, the home automation SUCKS. It hasn’t had extensive design and engineering with that side of the panel. It is NOT a good choice for home automation, or intigration. If you do not want home automation then it is a GREAT choice. I install multiple Concord 4 panels every week because of the user friendly keypad. With you know exactly what has happened with the alarm.

    There are many other options though for cellular alarm panels……like any panel ever made that uses a pots line to communicate with tone. I have multiple units that act as a normal pots line and decode the signal and transmit cellular. I stock and use multiple units due to the lack of cell coverage in our area. They use different towers and I can usualy get any alarm panel on cellular. But remember that chances are that there still will be loss of signal from your cell transmitter at some point in time, atleast in our area we see it from alot of our accounts.

    Cellular communication is still not reliable. The best security is multiple options of transmittion. I can make a cell jamber for under 20 bucks and stop your signals before ever tripping a sensor. And when one is tripped the only means of defense is a siren, and good neighbors if you are not home, and a glock if you are. I have multiple accounts that have had this happen, but they are commercial accounts with many knowing of the valuables.

    Many things affect what the proper system is for your house. Including size, extent of service, expertise of ALL users, commercial or residential, location, what to be protected, and most importantly…FROM WHOM. Sometimes your worst enimy is your 17 year old daughter and her boyfriend but usually it is just the crackhead passing down the street.

    I am a registered GE Security dealer and sell lots of GE product. But often it is not the best option. A word from the wise, when the left hand is on Asia and the right hand is in Mexico, how does the anyone know what is going on anywhere. Small companies are better in many ways.
    Don’t let GE see this but check out

  35. Richard MCkay Says:

    Hello all. Does anyone know if Alram,com works with the Ademco Lynx alarm system?

  36. ADT's the Best Says:

    With cell back up and a copleat new system I’m paying $41.00 a month for monitoring. I went through a dealer ADS out of California. I use a VIOP and have cell back up so I’m covered. My equipment was $99.00.

    I chose ADT for the 5 monitoring centers staffed 24/7. My brother works for AT&T and has to make sure not one touches the fiber optic lines for ADT.

    There’s a reason they protect the White House, CIA and FBI and so on. When it comes to monitoring ADT’s the top dog. I went with ADS the dealer for a shorter contract and they had a much lower price on equipment. They even gave me two free tickets to the movies and a cruise!!! Going on the cruise in the spring of 2009. Just have to pay for airfare and taxes. So I’d say I got a really good deal.

  37. Shot Says:

    I install security systems and we have been installing these GSM modules on Concord 4′s for about a year now and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Before the GSM modules, we were installing DigiCell uplinks which were nice but the GSM offers so much more for the same base price. The beauty about the GSM is that you can add as many features as your pocket allows. I also agree that the Concord is a great panel for automation, voice, lighting, as well as telephone features. Personally I would shy away from any of the “self contained” units as they are easily defeated. These units can easily be ripped off the wall and nothing will communicate at all. ADT loves to put these types of systems in because they are cheap but time and time again they prove to be garbage.

  38. Security Directory Says:

    There are many options available and it depends on what technology is most appropriate for the installation at hand.

    This of course depends on the level of exposure and the physical problems either installing, or monitoring the system.

    Do your homework carefully to ensure that what you require, is what is achieved.

  39. ken Says:

    So, someone wants to break into your home.

    They go out and buy a cheap gsm jammer, your system is screwed surely?

  40. Dustin Weber Says:


    Not if you use the redundant options (broadband and/or pots telephone) in addition to the cellular. No system is perfect though, the only really secure way would be a constantly monitored dedicated line, that, if it was cut, triggered the alarm… but good luck affording that.

  41. Torsnargo Says:

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  42. Josh Says:

    Have you checked out They don’t require a long term contract.

  43. Jacob Says:

    I am an employee of GeoArm Security Solutions. We are an dealer and offer competitive rates form interactive and video services. We sell nationwide and offer pre-programmed systems as well as monitoring services for existing systems. is compatible with simon, concord and networx GE panels, and is one of our best selling services.

  44. Melissa Dutton Says:

    Hi Dustin,

    I am a freelance writer working for the Associated Press on a story about the remote access features of alarm systems. I read your comments and would love to interview you for the story. Do you have a few minutes to chat over the phone today or tomorrow?

  45. security systems Says:

    Its a good deal to have the security at your home. This is to ensure that your family is safe when you are out for work. Though these systems are not so affordable but it should be considered for family safety.

  46. joe Says:

    I just recently purchased the newest technology in alarm systems… i have an alarm system that i can walk into any house plug it into the wall, wait 30 seconds and every door window and skylight is now armed no wires no contacts or anything… then i bought an auto dialer and i can have it call up to 10 numbers when it goes off i can have it call the police station me my wife or a monitoring system whatever i prefer or all of them. Ive never seen anything like this i can set it so if someone taps on my window this will go off or walks up to the front door and shakes it to see if it is locked it will go off!!!! email me at for more information

  47. Alarm systems Says:

    Hey nice article and Dustin i am confuse about the option available and at present i have a alarm system and i am quite unhappy with that so could you tel me the system which at list work well and gives peace of mind because don’t know but sometime systems fails to work.

  48. dan Says:

    If you decide to go with Central Security Group for your alarm company, I wish you well. You may not have any problems as long as you are paying them but as soon as you try to make any changes, you are going to wish that you tried another company.

  49. Angela Says:

    Are you guys aware that you can now protect you home and cars with your current security? So if someone steals your car, boat, ridding lawnmower or etc from your home or business your security system will be activated.
    Just tells your security provider to check out
    Available at ADI nationally. Part # GS-AUTOCONT
    Only sold to registered alarm companies

  50. Alan Says:


    And too, cell phone jamming is not cheap by the common burglar’s definition. Last time I checked, a decent one was in the hundreds of dollars at least, and you had to order it from overseas. That expense and hassle/planning takes out about 90% of common burglars. Of those, probably 50% don’t know enough / are too lazy, etc to even cut your physical phone and broadband lines if present, even when easily accessible, which they typically are.

    The key is putting up a defense appropriate for your level of target value. For most, an fits that bill nicely while also providing a gob-load of cool features at a great price. And if you’re looking for a great dealer (you have to go through some dealer), I *STILL* highly recommend them. Been with them for over 2 years, and still have that loving feeling, squared! That are completely awesome to work with… take great care of their customers from my experience.

  51. Alan Says:

    ooops… in that last paragraph, “them” refers to Frontpoint Security. Excellent, excellent company who have their eyes squarely focused on their customers (from my experience anyway).

  52. JP Says:

    Hey guys, after reading this review a while back and now deciding to pull the trigger, I went ahead to the FrontPoint Security website to order a system. I went through the whole process of signing up for a fairly significant system with a three year plan. Then got to the service agreement. I read it through, found it (as expected) designed to protect them from legal issues and giving them all sorts of rights if we don’t fulfill our end of the deal (like taking back equipment etc.). However, what struck me as unacceptable was Point 25 in their agreement, the Consent to Intercept, Record, Disclose And Use Contents of Communications.

    It states: “You, for yourself and as the authorized agent of your family, guests, agents, servants, representatives and employees (individually and collectively, “Any Person”), hereby consent to Company intercepting, recording, retrieving, reviewing, copying, disclosing and using the contents of all telephone, video, wire, oral, electronic and other forms of transmission or communication to which you, Any Person or Company are parties.”

    Basically it gives them full rights to surveil, intercept, observe or monitor ALL your communications including conversations, Internet, email, everything. All without any stated limitations. This is ridiculous and I can’t believe I almost went ahead with it. See, I conduct a lot of business from my home. Many of my clients require strict security with any communications. To give a third party right to observe, intercept or surveil that communications without any guarantees of privacy would be extremely stupid and also could cause me to be in violation of obligations I have to my clients.

    Thought I’d throw it out there. There is no privacy policy included in the Agreement nor any mention of it on their website (aside from their website or email privacy policy). Am I being unreasonable?

  53. allen Says:

    as alarm installer for about 10 years now and worked on wide range panels i will have say go DMP, you will thank me later.

  54. Dustin Weber Says:

    Hey guys, everything is still smooth for us with I haven’t had any problems, issues, or concerns. That’s a testament to them I suppose. The iphone app and their new web interface are both completely awesome.

  55. dan Says:

    After my experience with CSG Central Security Group I will be getting away from alarm companies. I should have listened to all the reviews and complaints about this company.

  56. Wimax Zizie Says:

    excellent article i would certainly like to learn much more.|interesting, I am going to test this out and report back.

  57. Sell the equipment - Abbra security device Says:

    How do I sell the nextalarm service equipment?

  58. rudys Says:

    helooo im rudy i just got a new house and i got and offer from ge to get my secuty system install from a dealer that use alarm as the provider i just got my system install its awesome it has lots of features and you can arm or unarm the system from your phone or internet connection anywhere and also from outside your hour with the keychain that they give you fantastic im only paying 39.95 a month and this is on the city of phoenix, az where your you really need a home alarm

  59. Door to Door Says:

    Hey people. I’m Jeff and i’ve been selling systems door to door for the past 4 years. Simon “3″ panels and Simon XT panels. Now we have the new Simon XT with GE Touchscreen. this new equipment is all smart home stuff. its the safest you can use plus it comes with more bells and whistles than you know what to do with. We can connect the security of the home, the lighting in the home, video cameras, and the heating and air conditioning. you can literally control your A/C in the house with your app or laptop!! seriously!! everything is interactive now!! for those of you using analog phone lines, i’m sorry you have to pay the high cost of the phone line. for those of you with digital phone and using it to monitor your home, PLEASE UPDATE YOU ARE UNSAFE!!! so ben did his research good and is the best product to possibly get. trust me i’ve been selling their products for 4 years. they only sell to dealers. guess what!?!? i work for the nations largest GE and ALARM.COM dealer. if you want a system and you have over 600 credit score, i will give you an 8 point security system (covers 8 areas of your home) at no cost. a monitoring agreement of 3 years ranging from $40-$50 monthly will obviously come with it. do it yourself with these systems can cost $700-$2000 just for the parts and cell modules aren’t for sale for the general public. every system comes with a lifetime service, warranty and moving plan. your family deserves this protection. don’t believe for a minute ADT has the money to update the nation. if you email me for more info i’ll respond the same day. YOUR FAMILY DESERVES THIS IN THESE ROUGH TIMES!! we have 100+ offices nationwide including canada and alaska. my techs are highly trained. please do not hesitate to ask me anything.

  60. Door to Door Says:

    i meant to say DUSTIN did his research well. is pretty awesome.

  61. Mike Says:

    How much does it cost per month to get your home monitored with Could someone pl inform. thanks

  62. Security System Review: The Best Available? | The Weber … | A Bulwark Alarm Website Says:

    [...] Security System Review: The Best Available? | The Weber … Tags: been-several, cell, existing, full-review, Home Security, installation, service-works, [...]

  63. Andrew Says:

    @ JP

    Umm they have to have the agreement other wise they would not be allowed to share the information with police about the alarm. Frontpoint server also has to share with the monitoring center, includeing the video feeds if you have cameras. witch does not work in your favor.

    I’m not sure where you got they can monitor your email or internet activity as its 2 separate systems….. LOL

    and they need the agreement for the emails the system sends you, and the commands you do on the internet via the front point web page

    the communication goes like this

    Alarm system > cellular card > cell tower > cell transmission network > internet > front point servers > monitoring center > then police/fire/medical > your phone

    they only need that argreement for the alarm system, there no way the can montior your personal emails from your cable/dsl internet.

    please do not speak of things you do not understand, and if you would have called frontpoint they will explain any thing in there agreement with you.

    1.5 year VERY happy front point customer

  64. Casey Says:

    I am an alarm company owner and I have also been installing systems with for the past 4 years. Excellent service. They are not the monitoring center. You will still have a seperate monitoring service. They provide the web interface and support for the wireless signals to be relayed to your monitoring center. To me, the sweetest part is that customers can setup to be notified via email/sms rather than having the monitoring center call. Some alarms don’t require dispatch and it’s great that they have a way for the customer to keep control themselves. Such as something even as simple as getting a text or email when the mail is delivered or when the gun cabinet is opened.

    I myself am not a big fan of all in one self contained alarm systems. To me, these are prone to being defeated during the entry delay into a home. A crook can simply enter through the front door, follow the beeps for the entry delay 20-60 seconds depending on your setup, and either rip the unit off the wall and smash it or most likely just smash it right there on the wall rendering the cellular communicator, siren… the whole unit defeated.

    You are much better off getting a system where the control panel, keypads, and and siren are all seperate. The cellular GSM communicator or IP communicators can all be mounted in a hard to find secluded location. Ideally you want it to take someone 5 minutes or longer to find the control panel where your GSM or IP modules are also located or perhaps you even have your GSM located in your attic. (standard for us). Then if a crook breaks in, hears the beeping and follows the sound all they find is a keypad… smashing, or ripping the keypad off the wall does nothing but silence the beeping, but at the same time sends a supervisory signal because of the keypad is missing or tampered with along with the front door alarm.

    So the crook can destroy the keypad during the entry delay, then can destroy the siren once it sounds at the end of the entry delay. The crook still hasn’t found the main control panel, he’s been busy trying to figure out how to silence and disable the unit. Having not found the control panel the crook will not spend much time in the property at all.

    If you have a standard phone line, you can even make a greater attempt to protect that by purchasing and installing a secured and sensored cabinet and conduit over top of the local phone companies box, conduit, and wires. However, the cost to get the box, conduit, and installation is typically greater than that of purchasing a GSM Cellular communicator which would add the greatest peace of mind. But if you have a phone line, make sure it is connected as well. You’re paying for it, might as well use it.

    The sad part is the majority of companies out there sell these units all the time. For the security company it’s great. Walk into a house mount the all in one keypad, panel, communicator over top of the kitchen phone jack or on some they even portray it as portable and just have you lay it on your counter… rediculous. Installation takes less then 30 minutes since most perimeter sensors on your doors and windows were most likely just installed with double sided foam tape instead of installing screws as well. The security company instantly gets a monitored alarm system installed and monitored so they can begin collected the monitoring fees. The security company saves a ton of money on installation labor as anyone can lay the unit on a counter or hang it on a wall and plug it into a wall outlet and then walk around and stick the sensors up.

    Don’t get me wrong… nothing wrong with wireless if properly mounted. The all in one control units are sometimes the only option for some installations also. Such as rental properties, where the property owner doesn’t want any holes drilled. Here the tape and counter is the only option. Not the ideal option for sure, but most times it only needs to last 6 months to a year before the customer moves and then needs the system reinstalled at their next rental property.

    However, for the typical home or business being protected; think about what I have written above and educate yourself before getting a system installed.

    If you are looking to use and want a professional system where your control panel and GSM is hidden and only your keypads and siren are installed in plain sight, consider the GE Concord or GE Caddx NetworX line of systems. Stay clear of the GE Simons. Both of which support wireless sensors and two way voice (with proper options) in a much greater capacity then what you could ever get with the Simons.

    If you are looking at Ademco/Honeywell, stay clear of the LYNX.

  65. Tony Says:

    @ all of you

    This whole website is clearly an advertising / marketing sham constructed and operated by or one of its sales associates.
    Lots of “geee golly, they are sooo cool”. I’m not knocking the company, as I know nothing about it, however I am saying, looking at this forum as an unbiased and useful form of research is dillusional.

  66. Tony Says:

    I’m pretty sure it will be moderated into non existence.

  67. Dustin Weber Says:

    @ Tony, sorry, but I’m not an employee.. you should look at some of the other articles I’ve written.. lol, one or two writeup’s about among hundreds of other unrelated articles… this one just happened to spark some interest for some random reason.

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are an competitor for some reason or another – why else would you bother to write a comment like you wrote?

    Anyways – this blog is not a scam or sham; sorry to disappoint. Good luck to you!

  68. Ron Says:

    just started installing these GSM’s on new and existing accounts. Have to say…so far so good. I can usually find the negative in any situation, but havnt so far with this one. Simple and strait forward, web site is easy to use, tech support (if you need them) is good…I really haven’t found any problems yet!!! (just be sure to check the coverage area on their web site before you sell/buy one!!!) lol

  69. Door to door Says:

    Yea lol. These security guys that own their own business are getting their business taken by our alarms. I don’t work for but I know that for a company to use their products you have to pay their prices. Therefore most mom and pop companies won’t support them because the profit margin isn’t their and they don’t have enough money to invest into people’s homes like I do. Oh, and Casey…you really need to research and GE security better. The newest Simon models have smash detection/tamper detection. When a system is triggered it instantly signals the monitoring and if we don’t gw thr disarm code within those few seconds we start calling. If we notice our system has dropped off the cell tower then we immeadietly dispatch police. Phone line systems are never connected. Some MAY “ping” through the phone line every half hour or so, but never stay connected unlike cell primary. I make investments into families that appreciate hi-tech security and true safety. Most companies want you to sign that line for the old equipment that they have to get rid of because it’s outdated. I do the marketing for GE and Feel free to buy it online but either way, just get it. The future is digital and wireless. Questions can be sent to Dustin, I thank you for some extra business. I’ve set up a few systems across the nation from your thread. It’s kinda nice knowing your helping people stay safer, at least I like it. Thanks again!

  70. vinnce Says:

    Any input on ASH SECURITY. They offer cellular communications monitoring

  71. vinnce Says:


  72. Peter Rogers Says:

    To all reading this site: I am the COO of FrontPoint Security ( We are an dealer providing services across the US and Canada. I can state that Dustin has no connection with either or FrontPoint, other than as a user, and there are enough other comments (positive and negative) on this site that the intelligent reader should not confuse this with the other sites that truly are scams and shams.

    One important point to make regarding’s patented “Pending Alarm” feature is that it renders the system virtually impossible to defeat, even when used in a self-contained panel. The whole point is that the system sends the “door open” signal on every door opening (with the Interactive level), so that if the panel is smashed and never receives the disarm signal or an intrusion, they assume it’s an alarm event and handle it accordingly. Any competent dealer should know this.

    Thanks to Dustin for what I consider an excellent forum to share information.

  73. Bill Says:

    I discovered’s and Frontpoint’s websites today and signed up to be contacted for info. While I wait to be called back I figured I’d ask here…

    I’m a little confused. I assume that Frontpoint is the dealer that I would be getting my bill’s front each month? just supplies Frontpoint (and many other companies) with the technology to make things work? I saw an interview on Frontpoint’s site saying they use some company called Central Dispatch in upstate NY as their monitoring center. I’m confused on who the players are I’d be dealing with – or Frontpoint.

    1) I currently have a wired Concord system I inherited with a piece of crap keypad which I hate. When something goes wrong (phone disconnect, bad sensor…) and the pad beeps I have to remember the obscure codes to get it into different modes to override stuff. So I started looking around and discovered the GE Simon system (which also lead me to I assume I can get the optional Simon Touchscreen if I go with I know would gain the nice web interface to control the system but I’d like my wife and 7 year-old to have a simple icon based touch-screen to work with. Will I have to replace the whole system or will some of the old Concord stuff save me money?

    2) I currently pay a monthly fee of $45 for a local company (ACS) to monitor my system and ALSO pay them an additional $60 for live patrol response. If the alarm is trigged, ACS sends out an armed patrol unit. This might be more of a question for ACS but can work with them? Instead of calling the police, they’d call ACS’s dispatch dept. and ACS takes it from there? I couldn’t find any info on the sites discussing this option.

    Thanks in advance. I have to say, from browsing around the internet looking for info on Frontpoint, I’ve been impressed with how the company jumps in and answers questions directly on these threads. I’ve only found one negative comment and the company responded the next day with a clear, well-written response that totally took away any doubt I had that they cared. Nice job, Frontpoint.

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