Feb 20

upward-trend.gifI promise I’m not not trying to brag, but I’ve recently noticed that my rankings in the ole’ search engines have been near the top for almost every topic I post (especially on Google).

Now, normally I haven’t had trouble showing up near the top for most topics, but lately (in the last six months) I’ve seen my rankings doing better than they ever have before (overall). I know it’s only a portion of the true reason, but I also just noticed my PageRank is now 5 and that seems to be a contributing factor.

After a little celebration, I checked out the PageRank Prediction Tool to see where I was headed. This thing, however inaccurate it’s predictions may be, is fun to play around with. It’s fun to see what the big domains are doing and I really like to check out the competition and see how they are “really doing”.

I’d recommend taking a second to play around with the Page Rank Prediction Tool if you get a chance.

One Response to “PageRank Prediction: A Crystal Ball Into Your SEO Future?”

  1. Web Host Says:

    As we all know page rank is a tool to analyze our website seo progress. I do consider your tool a good one, but to get to a realistic we must use few more tools as well.

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