Oct 28

If you are any sort of a web developer, you should be interested in Script.aculo.us

Why?  Simply because it's an incredible useful and powerful Javascript library/package that can help you create incredibly rich interfaces and some nice eye candy at the same time. 

I was initially introduced to this amazing product through my former co-worker Jim when he used it extensively in his Ruby on Rails projects (since it's sorta integrated). 

Until recently though, I had never really paid much attention other than thinking it looked pretty cool.  However, while working on some freelance projects this week, I realized how useful a particular bit of Script.aculo.us (the drag & drop lists) could help me with a problem I've had.  So, I downloaded the PHP package and immediately started using it.

Then end result?  It worked flawlessly and made the project both useful and very good looking!

Thanks Jim.

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