Sep 08

Javascript Loves XMLRight at this very moment, I had a thought cross my mind. If I wanted to use Javascript to modify XML on the fly, how in the heck would I make that happen?

I think the answer is E4X, which is short for “ECMAscript for XML”. I tried to explain it in my own words several times, but I decided Wikipedia does it better:

“ECMAScript for XML (E4X) is a programming language extension that adds native XML support to ECMAScript (which includes ActionScript, DMDScript, JavaScript, JScript). It does this by providing access to the XML document in a form that mimics XML syntax. The goal is to provide an alternative to DOM interfaces that uses a simpler syntax for accessing XML documents. It also offers a new way of making XML visible. Before the release of E4X, XML was always accessed at an object level. E4X instead treats XML as a primitive (like characters, integers, and booleans). This implies faster access, better support, and acceptance as a building block (data structure) of a program.”

So, a powerful use, suggested here, would be building a form dynamically like this:

var html = <html/>;
html.head.title = “Hello, World.”;
html.body.form.@name = “hello”;
html.body.form.@action = “test.php”;
html.body.form.@method = “post”;
html.body.form.@onclick = “return foo();”;
html.body.form.input[0] = “”;
html.body.form.input[0].@name = “Submit”;

Pretty slick, I must admit. Anyways, I’m willing to bet we’ll be hearing more about this new technology soon as it gains traction in an area that needs some work.

For more information, see this and this.

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