Feb 12

bubble-comments.gifCame across a pretty neat little CSS trinket this afternoon on del.icio.us.

It provides a very simple, yet powerful way to generate “CSS Speech Bubbles“. It does use a bit of Javascript (25K – Yikes!) which confuses me because that really makes this thing, “Javascript/CSS Speech Bubbles”, doesn’t it?

However, I’m guessing the Javascript was used to make the code cleaner (and probably validate properly).

With that being said, still seems a tad hokey to me, but I suppose the project could nonetheless be useful in some instances. Too bad I don’t really have a use for ‘Speech Bubbles’ right now… maybe someday.

You can see original site here: CSS Speech Bubbles or just download the package directly.

4 Responses to “CSS Speech Bubbles”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What's with the Javascript? That doesn't make anhy sense at all, does it.

  2. Dustin Weber Says:

    Yeah, I know. I think it’s just to make the html cleaner (ie: fewer divs or classes) and perhaps to help with validation (although I hope not).
    - Dustin

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for linking to me Dustin!
    There is a reason for the javascript, you can edit the style/colours without fiddling with an image. Its just more adaptable this way.

  4. Dustin Weber Says:

    Ok, but it’s still Javascript/CSS Speech Bubbles though, right?
    I’m just giving you a hard time. I’m actually considering using your code on this blog. I think it works really well and looks slick (and is apparently very adaptable, heh).
    - Dustin Weber

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